Trudera joins NVIDIA’s Inception Program

We’re excited to announce that Trudera has been accepted into NVIDIA’s AI Accelerator program called Inception. 


We’re using the power of GPUs to increase the processing capabilities of our Sentinel and Salience technologies. With the sheer scale of data that we process, we have tested GPU acceleration in our labs and found significant benefits. 

We can’t wait to work with NVIDIA and deepen our relationship. We’re focusing on increasing the capabilities of Salience, our CyberAI, together. 

GoVerify Partnership with ST2 Technology

We’re happy to announce our new partnership with International management consulting firm ST2 Technology to launch new anti-phishing and fraud technology, GoVerify, designed to restore consumer trust by eliminating phishing attempts and verifying genuine companies to consumers.

The annual cost of fraud in the UK could be as high as £193 billion per year, according to a report from Experian, which equates to £6000 lost every second every day. In fact, online fraud is now the most common crime in the country with almost one in ten people falling victim, according to latest figures from Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW).

More than five and a half million cyber offences are now thought to take place each year, accounting for almost half of all crime in the country. GoVerify technology has been designed to restore trust between customers and their service providers, while simultaneously preventing fraudsters from obtaining personal and sensitive data. 

Where many solutions focus on verifying individuals to companies, GoVerify puts control back in the hands of consumers. The technology enables consumers to authenticate the companies and government organisations that are contacting them by verifying if calls, emails, SMS/texts, letters, invoices and physical goods are genuine, without giving away any personal information. The technology also benefits enterprises by enabling a trusted communication channel to their existing and new customers in order increase engagement and increase sales opportunities.

The verification method ensures that no personal or sensitive data is disclosed as organisations generate and provide each customer with a unique TrustTag. Then, when individuals are contacted by a company, they simply input their unique TrustTag along with a key identifiable piece of information. This enables GoVerify to validate that the organisation is indeed genuine, and not a malicious person trying to steal personal data or commit fraud.

ST2 Technology will take GoVerify to market by providing the consultation and implementation capabilities to integrate GoVerify with client or cloud-based environments.

Colin Paterson, Co-Founder and CTO at Trudera, commented: “The latest research shows that each year in England alone ten percent of people are falling victim to online and offline fraud and there is no sign of decline. As a result, consumers are finding it harder to trust who is contacting them,” explained Paterson. “This means not only is consumer confidence in their service providers diminishing but the organisations are also suffering by being forced to spend millions in online security. The most worrying part of this scenario is that the fraudsters are winning.

“This is precisely why we’re fighting back with GoVerify by providing a new way for consumers to verify that the phone calls, emails, texts and letters they receive are from genuine organisations. We’re confident that this technology will enable organisations to restore trust and confidence every time they want to contact their customers. At the same time, we want to stop consumer data falling into the hands of hackers by encouraging individuals to be more diligent by verifying suspicious correspondence,” Paterson added.

Anne Stokes, CEO of ST2 Technology said: “GoVerify is a compelling solution that puts control back in the hands of the individual. This solution is extremely timely, especially when you consider that it’s near impossible to find someone who hasn’t received an email, call or SMS from a fraudster impersonating a company for malicious gain. We’re truly excited about this partnership and we’re encouraging organisations and individuals to adopt this technology and prevent fraudsters succeeding in their efforts.”


For more information about GoVerify, visit:



ST2 Technology is an award winning international management consulting firm that serves business and the public sector. The company offers a range of consulting and implementation services designed to support its clients through business, IT and Digital Transformation.

The consultancy is a new kind of partner with decades of know-how, ready to help organisations take all the benefits that investment in technology has to offer.

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Trudera is an innovative UK company stemmed from a foundation of securing governments around the world. The company develops new technology in the areas of Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to protect citizens, organisations and governments from threats.

Don’t let your Auntie fall foul of fraudsters. The real cost to business from Phishing and Vishing.

Auntie Janet was part way through her weekly watercolour painting tutorial when she was taken by surprise by an email received from her online payment supplier, notifying her of a “SERIOUS ISSUE” with her account.

She innocently followed the instructions in the mail which had notified her “suspicious activity had been identified”, by dutifully clicking on the link and entering her details.

She was aware of Phishing and Vishing Scams but this email contained information that fraudsters couldn’t possibly know and it also had one of those little padlocks so it must be legitimate right?

It’s a story we hear all to often. Friends or family member receives an email, telephone call, SMS and now more worrying postal correspondence from an organisation that turns out to be a fraudulent attempt to gather information or defraud.

But what happened to Auntie Janet I hear you ask; Well after eventually getting over the financial impact of the incident she no longer opens emails from anyone other than close friends or family, if she receives a call from a bank or mobile provider she politely declines to talk and abandons the call.

For this is the real cost to business of this type of issue, whilst these attacks in many cases may not impact organisation’s bottom line directly. This type of fraud in all its forms have the effect of poisoning the communication channel. Once effective email marketing campaigns are assigned directly to trash folders , telephone calls abandoned in a Mexican stand off over who gives who verification credentials first.

For information about improving your bottom line by solving these issues, contact us at GoVerify. We are putting the trust back in communication.

2017 Announcements

In 2017 we’re really excited to be announcing and releasing the new projects we’ve been working hard on. We will be launching Goverify and Salience.

Stay tuned for the latest updates.